Product Design
Product Strategy

Ameny Rewards

My Role
Product Designer
Founding Partner
Jan 2020 - Sept 2020

Revolutionizing the Tenant Experience with a different type of Amenity

Property online reputation is indicative to a residential real estate owners ability to attract prospects and retain residents.  Owners found a problem will improving their online reputation and could not find a way to engage with their tenants. I helped create a platform that could drive instant value to a property by engaging and collecting google and social reviews from residents.

But how do you convince residents to leave reviews and survey feedback?

Project Overview

Create a new type of digital amenity to power residential experiences through engagement, perks, and rewards.

My Contributions

Director of User Experience, Product Development and UX Writing.
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Residents don't just buy products for their home. They are buying a lifestyle.

The first 45 days are expensive.

- First months rent
- Security deposit
- Moving Van
- New Furniture
- Plus 100 other things

Through a digital perks program, residents can save money on DTC brands that inspire a happier, healthier life at home.

Residential Real Estate owners will drive experience and satisfaction with intuitive tools to gather reviews, while rewarding residents with Ameny Cash, that can be claimed on over 100 top retail brands.