Go Dash Dot is a NYC-designed tote bags for active women who want it all: style, function, quality. Perfect for busy workout & office days, overnight trips & everything between.

1. Website Re-Design.
2. Build & manage an e-commerce calendar to ensure maximum efficiency to drive engagement and revenue.

Challenge: These Bags Can Do It All. Street-Chic Style That Can Handle Your On-The-Go Lifestyle. So how we show a bag that is more than just a bag? It's practically a lifestyle accessory.

Solution: New Web Design and content focused on the bags features and functionality. The previous site design lacked a brand identity so the new site needs to have an identity and display a focus. The focus on the new site would be functionally. Let's show that this bag can do it all. It can handle any lifestyle, any where.

Every month(sometimes week), something on the site needs an update. Whether it's a new sale, a new season, or a new product launch, the banners will change on the fly with what the GoDashDot Brand is saying throughout social media. .

Visit www.GoDashDot.com view our work.