| Enter whatever comes to mind


Well…..I would be here for days. I have a lot going through my head right now.


I am thinking about the 8 exhibition lacrosse games I just played in 2 weeks and what is next to come. The training, coaching and playing I need to start up again.

2. I also just moved to a new country across the world.

3. I have to work with companies in Israel and the US and need to figure out how to manage my time.

4. I have to coach a practice later today. Should probably find time to workout myself after.

5. Cyber Monday is coming up very quickly and I have to prepare a big schedule and plan for multiple projects.

6. ….


I have a thousand things on my mind at any given second right now. I need to clear some space in my mind but at the same time, I don’t want too. All of those thoughts going on in my head I am passionate and excited about. I just need to figure out how to contain them all and think one thing at a time.

This life of being an entrepreneur is a choice. I chose it and I wouldn’t want it any other way. What’s next?


So why am I writing this? I have no clue but I starting reading an article that said enter whatever comes to mind so that is exactly what I did.

I may even make this a monthly or weekly occurrence. So let’s call this Part 1.

Try it. It was actually fun.