The Hashtag is 10 years old

I would have never expected the 10 year anniversary for the #hashtag to actually be announced. Would have never guessed it would be acknowledged with a birthday but you have to admit, hashtags have played such a major role in communication networks that it should be acknowledged.  Hashtags are a big deal, whether you like it or not.


What was life even like before hashtags? People even use it when speaking out loud somethings. Hashtags have made its way from twitter discussions to face-to-face human interaction.


The hashtag was originally created as a way to talk within a group over twitter discussion.  Users would use a given #hashtag and be able to tweet about specific topics and create discussion with each other.  Although, it is still used for that reason today, for instance, if you are attending an event, most likely there is a event hashtag that can be used in the same way,  the hashtag has grown beyond just to create group discussions.  It can even be argued that it is #overused.


Hashtags have changed the way we interact through social media. Hashtags have changed the way we interact in face-to-face communication.  So here’s to you #hashtag.  Happy 10th Birthday.  


Here are some of the most used hashtags on Twitter.