6 Strategies to Improve your

Social Media Feed

Social Media must play a role in your brand marketing efforts whether you had a strategy in place for 2017 or not. 2018 is here and times have changed.  So maybe you are just getting started with growing your brand or your strategy is outdated but needs to be updated, here are some tips to step up your social media game in 2018.


1. Create a personality.


The content that you publish will obviously play a major role in your social growth.  Your content, whether written or visual, should have a personality. Your brand needs a recognizable voice to connect with your audience.  It can have multiple voices but it is crucial to find that special voice.  Your brand voice is the reason your audience connects and trusts the personality you created for your brand. Look at the way relations are created in the everyday world.  If someone dislikes somebody’s personality, they will most likely never be friends.  The same goes for your brand.  So, create a personality that your brands’ audience will trust and want to engage with.

Create a friend.


2. Generate Consistent Content


Your brand strategy should strive to maintain the personality you created in step one. Though it is okay to occasionally breakaway from your personality to show some different, unique content, it important to create a consistent look and feel.  Show as many different facets of your brand’s personality as you can, but always keeping in mind your brand’s main voice so you can return to it as needed.


3. Keep Relevant, Valuable Content


Being consistent is great and necessary, but definitely not enough… it must be relevant and valuable to your audience at all times. That is a no-brainer. If you do not keep a regular supply of relevant and up to date content, your content will have no value and, instead of growing your audience, you might lose it.  


4. Embrace Influencers


We touched on creating a personality that attracted trust and engagement from your audience.  Influencers live for that.  They have already created a personality which attracted a community that trusts them. As a brand, you want to take advantage of their community.   Influencer marketing has grown into one of the most effective marketing strategies for brands of each and every size. Influencers are great for promoting products because their followers trust their opinion and want to live like them.  So when an influencer tells its audience that your product is amazing and indispensable, it will go a lot farther than your brand trying to brag about itself.  Obviously, you are already advertising that your brand is the best. But when someone hears it from a trusted influencer, the message will sink much deeper.


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5. Be Visible Everywhere


We touched on created valuable content, but that might not be enough. Your audience is varied and has different media consuming habits. Some may spend most of their time on Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform in 2017, some on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, some even trust mainstream media. So to reach your audience wherever they are, you will need to ensure a ubiquitous online presence.


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6. Provide Varied Visual Content


As visual and video content popularity gains are growing exponentially, you will also need to ensure a regular supply of genuine and visually engaging images.

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