6 Social Media Strategies

Social Media must play a role in your brand marketing efforts whether you had a strategy in place for 2017 or not. 2018 is here and times have changed. Here are some tips

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Writing whatever comes to mind has felt good ever since I started it. In November 2017, everything was on my mind


The 5 Second test


5 seconds.  That is all you have to….  Okay, maybe you have 7-15 seconds.


The 5-second test consists of a few user questions.  When a new user lands on your website, they do not want to have to think. So how long does it take a user to figure out;


What is this landing page about?


What is the call-to-action/product on this page?


What is the name and objective of this organization? What exactly do they do?


Think about it, If you make your way onto this new website because of a link you clicked,  do you want to spend time figuring out what this company even does?  I am assuming you answered no.  A user should be able to figure it out right away, so they can skip to the part where they learn about why they need your product or service.  After they figure out they need your product, that’s when you make the money.


Users do not want to think. Most users do not even want to read, they just skim.  We all have done it before. The best experiences are when you can just skim through a site or page and figure out exactly what the company or organization sells or produces.


User Experience is not just for digital products.


For example, when someone opens a bus ticket confirmation email, they expect to see their boarding details like address, date, and time. They don’t want to see a long block of terms and conditions.


Another example is an email confirming a new user account: people want to know what they should do next, whether it’s completing their profile or finding friends. If that info isn’t clear, they may get frustrated and never go back.